Pampered Dog Refuses Food

From my morning newspaper:

Yesterday was the Coldest Day in 10 years

Yesterday, temperatures in Chengdu only managed to reach 10.1°C. This peak temperature was reached in the morning, after which temperatures declined again, by evening reaching 9.5°C. Combined with rain that fell on and off throughout the day gave Chengdu the coldest 28th of October in 10 years.

It was so cold that even dogs refused to eat.

Yesterday, starting from early morning, fine rain fell throughout the day, the rate never exceeding a third of a millimetre per hour. The surface of the roads was always wet, and sometimes the rain fell, and sometimes it didn’t, like the Apricot Flower Rain from the old stories where the clothes never become truly wet. Men wore hats, and tried to avoid taking their umbrellas. Women walked along the roads holding umbrellas above their heads, yet the fine rain was blown under their umbrellas by the northerly wind. Even fashionable girls were forced to wear thick scarfs and heavy woolly hats.

It was not only people: even dogs curled up like cats preparing for winter. The previous evening Miss Li’s Toy Poodle refused its food. “Normally, whenever he sees food he jumps all over the place, but yesterday he wouldn’t even acknowledge his dog food.” Miss Li found that the dog had curled up in a corner, shivering. Yesterday morning, the dog which normally gets up at 8 o’clock refused to leave its bed, “He just wouldn’t wake up, he was still hiding in his bed when I went to work.”

Why did the temperature fall? Sichuan Province Specialist Meterological Station worker said that this was down to “Autumn Rain” brought about by the arrival of a cold front; rain clouds settled on the city, and blocked out the heat giving sunlight…etc.

The people of Sichuan, along with those in many other provinces, have no access to heating in the winter. So if it is 10°C outside, it is 10°C inside too. In fact sometimes it feels warmer outside in the cheaper homes, as tiled floors tend to attract cold, and are not as friendly on the feet as a deep shaggy carpet is…


One thought on “Pampered Dog Refuses Food

  1. a sign of things to come as the earth cools as a result of declining solar activity…… cold is to be feared…..


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