How to Kill a Rat

Outside a run down shop on a busy road, a man in his thirties stood on the filthy pavement, his young son standing beside him. They were both looking down at three small oblong cages by their feet. In each cage was a rat, and each cage was stacked upon the other.

“Stand further back,” the man said to his son, and the son dutifully stepped a foot or so back.

The man reached down and picked up a large flask, he took out the cork and steadied the flask over the cages and let the water slowly flow out. It hit the rats below and the squeeked in pain and terror; the man’s hand expertly following them as they jumped around the cramped cages. He continued pouring water on them for a minute or so, they quickly crumpled against the wire flooring. The man turned to his son and said

“Now that’s how you kill rats.”

His son made no reply, his gaze fixed on the sodden rats in the cages before him


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