Peasant Beaten to Death Over Land Rights

Anhui Province, Yuxian.
Story Source

The Government and related departments, owing to interest in developing the land along the 314 Main Road, organized a meeting between property developers and residents. Following a succession of threats, tricks, cona, and violence, the kind, innocent villagers didn’t dare to confront the Government; and could only cry whilst they signed the unequal agreement. And when taken to see the Government provided housing that were to be their future, they were incredibly disappointed. “Was this to be were we are supposed to live? Can one even be human in such a place?”

So, on 3rd November 2010, at around 9 o’ clock in the morning, owing to disatisifaction with the quality of the homes provided them, the villagers organized and went to the Government. One of Gushu Town’s leaders and the local Police Chief accompanied the villagers to the construction site. Yet when they arrived, the unarmed villagers were violently attacked by the construction site bosses. They openly attacked the villagers right in front of the Police Chief and Town Leader. When the villagers tried to defend themselves and retaliate, one of the construction site bosses shouted out:

“I’m going to bloody kick you thick peasants in! Killing you will get us more money!”

At the same time one of the villagers pointed out that these buildings did not meet approved standards, and the boss fiercly retorted, “These buildings were originally designed for cattle, not for people!”

As the villagers were being beaten, I looked at the nearby policemen, they looked bored to death. I asked him, “Why is that that when the common man is beaten, you police don’t take the slightest bit of notice, yet if they were to attack the business men, you’d immediately arrest them?” Most of the policemen pretended that they hadn’t heard me; one, however, turned round as said “Stop talking rubbish.”


Police Chief Observing Events

Presumably dead villager

Then some of the comments below the post:

酒拌尘: As nobody's stickied this post yet, I'm going to

我只有天晓得: Poster, have you ever seen a fight before?

极限飞舞: What is the mafia? It's some corrupt guy with an accountant behind him.

二泉映月: We've also had this kind of violence happen here, but the camera we had was taken and smashed; in this kind of world, there is no law and no heaven

三拐两拐: These pictures are just not clear.


2 thoughts on “Peasant Beaten to Death Over Land Rights

  1. If true, this is of course far worse than anything that occurs in GB. An earlier protest by a village in China against a wind development linked to a coal fired power station resulted in armed soldiers shooting at villagers and some deaths reported. Although news of this to the West is somewhat garbled.
    Fortunately, Although the central government in GB is driving some extreme and unpopular developments, (mostly wind). This government as well as the former. Things have not degenerated to this degree. Democratic protest, of sorts, is still allowed no matter how inconvenient. And the developments have not yet become so extreme that they would require fire arms to implement.
    Is China going to catch up with the west? Or is the west going to follow the example of China?

    Let us hope that the west is the model, and that the west moves away from making extreme demands on its residents.

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