The Miracle No One Saw

China and General Electric move forward on coal fired power plant climate change issues, yet the world hears nothing of their shared achievements

A major initiative was agreed between the People’s Republic of China and the U.S.A. on clean coal technologies this year of epoch making proportions. Here is the programme summary on this agreement from the U.S. White House.

Why is there no discussion in the mainstream press of the actual engineering work being done with great mutual trust and determination to sequester power plant carbon emissions into profitable commercial products which make jobs and a better future for all? A perfectly good carbon dioxide molecule is a terrible thing to waste if one can make an honourable profit from it. There is no public discussion on this at all except in the engineering trade journals.
These animations explain clearly how the General Electric coal gasification process works.

While the conflict between Western green eco-fanatics and climate realists over anthropogenic global warming continues to rage to everyone’s detriment, hard-working engineers have built and are building solutions in China which satisfy both sides of the argument.

Clean coal power plants are designed now to capture carbon from power plant emissions which satisfies green priorities, while on the economic “plus” side to satisfy practical climate realists, that carbon is even now being used cost-effectively in China to manufacture fertilizers, plastics, and synthetic fuels (for in-depth descriptions of these very time-tested and proven commercial carbon conversion processes, please see my Website: ).

This clean coal programme for all of China moves forward vigorously and with great resolution toward the goal of total success for all. On April 16th of 2010, an important agreement was signed between the People’s Republic and China and General Electric Company. Under the terms of the agreement signed, USTDA (United States Trade Development Agency) will fund a feasibility study that would support the advancement of commercial scale integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) facilities in China based on GE-designed IGCC technology. In this initial study phase, GE and CPECC (China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation) will evaluate the cost and performance of an IGCC design.

“Coal is an abundant and low cost resource in China and the U.S. Gasification technology allows us to use it in a much cleaner way,” said Steve Bolze, president & CEO for GE Power & Water. “To achieve significant reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, cleaner coal power generation technologies such as IGCC must be part of the solution.”

Gasification technology has become a critical tool in the expansion of the Chinese economy, allowing a wide variety of industrial products and fuels to be created from low-cost, abundant coal resources. GE’s gasification technology is one of the most widely applied technologies of its kind in China, with more than 40 licensed facilities. As gasification projects in China get larger and more complex, advanced technologies such as GE’s new larger scale quench gasifier and higher-pressure gasification technology will be critical to reducing overall project cost.

The United States and China are two of the largest consumers of coal for industrial applications and power generation. There is significant interest in seeing cleaner gasification technologies and IGCC with carbon capture widely deployed in a carbon-constrained environment.

The scale of this effort is astonishing and makes the work building the Pyramids of Egypt look like a child’s sandbox castle-building. Every province in China will be building new plants like these to add to the forty-plus plants already in place and operating. So why is there no presence in the press of this newsworthy information?

First, my contention is that only bad news sells newspapers in the Western press, by cultural and business choice: bad news upsets people which effect in turn makes them impulse buyers who will respond to the advertising in the newspapers. This is marketing psychology at work.

Second, the carbon traders and financial paper shufflers wish to make large amounts of money from exploiting the paradigm of a problem which cannot ever be solved until its extent is properly metricated and measured: there is not even a definition of what constitutes success in controlling “global warming.” There is no evidence 350 ppm of CO2 as the atmospheric component will yield any measurable improvement. Show me the lab trials and tests which prove this, please. If engineers and business alone make headway on this issue by themselves, the paper shuffling money harvesters are out of work.

Third, the green movement does not appear to be about green issues at all. The green movement seems to be rather about new ways to control and manipulate the political system in anti-democratic ways and against the will of the people.

—-Walter James O’Brien
Power plant cost analyst


23 thoughts on “The Miracle No One Saw

  1. Thank you Walt. This is a win win result that no one knows about… This site is already a part of my morning

    reading just because of its exotic detail. Now to because of stuff like this. Congratulations to you all….


  2. You’re welcome, Marcus. OT, the rocket contrail seen off the coast of California is an old RATO (rocket assisted takeoff) solid fuel unit some kids picked up at the Boneyard military aviation scrapyard in Arizona for a couple of hundred bucks that they launched vertically through using an improvised launch rail. The projectile’s relatively slow velocity, the duration of the propellant burn, and the smoke colour and spread pattern of the contrail marks it as such. There are thousands of those surplus boosters floating around. They were used to launch B-52’s and C-130 Hercules prop aircraft off short runways for decades.

    Some nitwit also welded one onto the roof of his 1973 Pontiac and lit it off on an Arizona highway. The car reached an airborne velocity of 400 MPH before impacting the side of a hill. All they found of the driver was a foot still inside its shoe. Please see the Darwin Awards website.

    They are also called JATO units, though I don’t know why. There is no “jet” involved. Maybe if they fixed one to each of the blades of the presently installed wind turbines globally those wind turbines would turn at an acceptable velocity if only for two minutes.

  3. Thank you Walt for this insight into a technology hidden from us by the Greens, the MSM and the money grabbing stupid politicians.
    As always your posts take us to a new level of understanding and knowledge.

    Knowledge is power to be used against the propaganda we continue to see forced upon us by those with a very selfish and immoral agenda.

    Knowledge and truth are the best means to fight the AGW scam and corruption, and you Walt have made a large contribution.

    Now is not the time to let up.

    Thank you


  4. It is a source of chagrin to General Electric and other American firms who built the USA up from nothing along with the American people that the Chinese are more warmly receptive and congenial hosts than the USA is to GE and the rest of the power community. For an example of the horrible experiences GE has had with this same technology in the USA because of greentard hate, NIMBYism and bullying, please see

    This is very sad, as during a time with few jobs, these power plant projects point the way forward toward building a better society for all.

  5. Man of the Moor, what sort of NIMBYism do you think the Cancun conference is going to generate in the UK and Australia, please? I recall from many of your past posts at the DT that there was much going on with greentards trying to sabotage the Drax combined coal/biomass facility there.

    Please see

    I understand the little kiddies from GreenWar chained themselves to the fuel conveyors there and caused $30,000 US worth of damage at the subject plant.

  6. The powerhouse

    There is a man I know
    Knows much of everything
    Always keen to show
    And share most anything

    No miser here with wisdom kept
    Shares the knowledge to great effect
    Makes it plain, for all to see
    How we make electricity

    A dynamo of information
    Glad tidings for this nation
    Now the spotlight has been shone
    We can see how, they must move on

    Into the future, great leaping strides
    Fighting against the green harp tides
    Now we must look at Cancun
    Finish the battle we’ve begun

    Many thanks for the article Walt.

  7. Walt O’Bruin
    November 10, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    With regard to your concerns about Greens and NIMBY’s as I am writing this there is a significant student demonstration about the proposed increase in student fees, from 3K pounds to around 9K pounds. Unfortunately there has also been some limited violence.

    The UK is currently under pressure to reduce public costs of all types.

    Ireland is further down the road with cuts that have been much more extreme, but seems to still be failing to stem attacks from the financial markets.

    There is much disruption ahead in the UK as we try to match similar cuts that are being applied in Ireland. It seems local government, health services, education, police and the armed forces etc. etc. are all claiming to special cases in the NIMBY format.

    The UKsay, unlike France, does not have the same tradition of major protests; but as these planned financial cuts take effect with the attendant unemployment, I am afraid we will see major disruption, the outcome of which is at present unclear.

    Thus to answer your question, the disruptive element in the UK will at present target the planned cuts, but there is also reactions brewing to the indiscriminate application of wind farms and solar farms by the middle class NIMBY set who worry about the collapse of their housing prices.

    I personally would like to see our government called to task over the wasted money on renewables and a U turn on the Climate Change Act, as the major savings , regardless of the EU nonsense.

    So as I see it the greens in particular are in a cleft stick – Budget Cuts v Green Cuts. – Quite a dilemma.

    If the UK government fails to implement major cuts then in 12 months time, the financial markets will take revenge on us in the UK, so the government has its own cleft stick.

    Clearly I would like Cancun to fail but worry about the EU technique of never taking no for an answer and pressing on regardless under cover.— Thus this is the risk of Cancun. —However even if some progress is made by the AGW lobby then this will only speed the financial and disruptive problems in the UK.

    Ps thank you ourman for facilitating our discussions

  8. MOTM, it would not be so pathetic, but the coal plants against which the protests are most violent are the type of plants which require NO subsidies and NO government financing and will pay for themselves in under 10-15 years altogether. The protests against the coal plants is quite as ridiculous as a drowning man pushing away a life preserver thrown to them. In the case of Eire, it is doubly bad for them to stand against coal/biomass plants, as Eire was one of the very first countries to use peat, a biomass product, as fuel for major power plant fuel.

    You’re very welcome, MOTM, too. I am glad to facilitate free argument on the topic of Cancun and power plant technology in general anywhere, anytime. I wonder what it takes to draw some of the crowd from Watts Up With That over to here LOL ?

    No Idea, great lyrics as ever. Many thanks!

    I will take a look around to find some data on Cancun specifically in the next couple of hours, then post it here. We must take the fight to the enemy.

  9. Walt

    Many thanks for your due diligence; I think you have found the crack in the information dam.
    Following your links I found this…

    “The top U.N. official on climate change says the U.S. and China have moved closer on elements of a global warming agreement under discussion at a major conference next month.”

    The Cancun shuffle

    Do the Cancun shuffle
    Hear the money rustle
    Watch the greenbacks tumble
    Feel the sterling crumble

    To do the Cancun shuffle
    Let your money hustle
    Bet you’d sell your mother
    You can buy another

    So do the Cancun shuffle
    Don’t move a muscle
    You’d best keep quiet
    Or you’ll start a riot

    Now do the Cancun shuffle
    Best avoid the kerfuffle
    Just hush those voices
    Give us no choices

    Do the Cancun shuffle
    There will be a tussle
    Given time to dance
    We’ll take that chance

    It looks like the dance is on.

    Will they like our choice of tunes?


  10. Hello, toad! I actually use the toad squeezings for my blowgun darts when dealing with human wave attacks of greentards LOL

    Here is yet more evidence that the American industrial infrastructure is in most respects better diplomats than our own US State Department in terms of providing work for countries that otherwise would grow to view us as their enemies without the dimension of shared mutual growth.

    Kazakhstan is predominantly a Muslim star in the constellation of the former Soviet Union yet has an excellent reputation for doing heavy industrial projects with their own people, unlike the Middle East except for Israel. It says alot, too, that there are now only two remaining facilities in the USA, to my knowledge, where actual gas turbine manufacturing goes on in the General Electric organization.

    As of last week, you should note that the USA is now a net exporter of gasoline for the first time in its history. That is how much demand and affordability have changed in the past two years. Amazing how fast a greentard Common Porpoise regime can gut an otherwise healthy industrial economy.

  11. NoIdea,

    Superb. I should mention I’ve not found the details to this near-term agreement anywhere yet. There is no open-source contact pester for this data either.

    So we know there will be a climate agreement, only partial not complete, and we know nothing of what is to go into it. The presumption is that we are not fit to know these terms and conditions because:

    1. We are not worth-e-e-e-e (as in “Wayne’s World”)
    2. We malodorous peasants are too stupid to comprehend the complexities of the need for fat lying politicians to be stuffing tax payers money into their greasy hamster pouch-like pockets, as this is what they are hard-wired to do, and Hayek, Adam Smith and Marx sez they can, so there, and
    3. If we do not do what they tell us to do the Group of 77 will destroy the West’s pension system through sabotaging existing environmental investment schemes.

  12. Hi Walt

    Just found by accident an advert for this company, who make and install biogas plants, based on using waste sewage and producing not just biogass but farm quality fertiliser, as a by product.

    I have no idea about the return on energy input output equation, but clearly where there is muck there is money.

    They clain 4 installations and 2 more close to completion, and to be the biggest in the UK for this technology

    You may be able to clarify things futher

    Best Regards


    • MOTM, methane gas given off by sewage treatment plants’ digestion tanks has been used as boiler fuel to heat the digester tanks in winter since the 1910’s. Some facilities even run small reciprocating gensets off this gas as well.

      Methane gas is a mite tetchy and has a tendency to detonate at the least provocation or with no provocation at all, so it can be a noisy siren-filled and firehouse sort of day on occasion. Generally methane generated as a byproduct is most safely exhausted to what is known as a flare tower where it is safely torched. Flare towers are an insurance safety requirements at larger installations.

  13. By the by I found this Cancun info as wel — LOL before I cry

    Comprehensive Info including recent videos, schedules etc. for Cancun

    The sessions will take place at the Moon Palace Hotel/Cancun Messe complex, Cancun, Mexico,
    from Monday, 29 November to Friday, 10 December 2010.

    Moon Palace Hotel link

    Deluxe Resort View – All Inclusive
    Max Occupancy: 4 Adults, 2 Children, 4 Combined Adults & Children
    Children Policy: Children 0-3 FREE, 4-17 $54.00 per night, 18+ considered adults.
    From Until 1 Adult 2 Adults 3 Adults 4 Adults
    Aug 22, 2010 Dec 23, 2010 $260.00 $297.00 $420.00 $540.00 Calculate Rates!

    Dec 24, 2010 Jan 03, 2011 $412.00 $450.00 $633.00 $800.00 Calculate Rates!

    Jan 04, 2011 Apr 30, 2011 $347.00 $385.00 $555.00 $710.00 Calculate Rates!

    May 01, 2011 Aug 20, 2011 $282.00 $320.00 $461.00 $575.00 Calculate Rates!

    Aug 21, 2011 Dec 23, 2011 $270.00 $307.00 $431.00 $555.00 Calculate Rates!

    Superior Deluxe Garden View – All Inclusive
    Max Occupancy: 4 Adults, 2 Children, 4 Combined Adults & Children
    Children Policy: Children 0-3 FREE, 4-17 $54.00 per night, 18+ considered adults.
    From Until 1 Adult 2 Adults 3 Adults 4 Adults
    Aug 22, 2010 Dec 23, 2010 $338.00 $376.00 $530.00 $681.00 Calculate Rates!

    Dec 24, 2010 Jan 03, 2011 $525.00 $562.00 $791.00 $1000.00 Calculate Rates!

    Jan 04, 2011 Apr 30, 2011 $442.00 $480.00 $693.00 $885.00 Calculate Rates!

    May 01, 2011 Aug 20, 2011 $362.00 $400.00 $577.00 $720.00 Calculate Rates!

    Aug 21, 2011 Dec 23, 2011 $347.00 $385.00 $540.00 $695.00 Calculate Rates!

    Slumming it!!!

    Ask people where they would most like to vacation in Mexico and many will tell you Cancun. No surprise there. Ask people traveling to Cancun which resort they would most like to stay at? Many will tell you the beautiful Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort. No surprise there, either! In Mexico’s premier playground, people want to stay at the premier resort. And that’s exactly what Moon Palace is.

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