Pictures of Floods in China, 2010

Hubei, Wuhan City, a man fords the road at the wrong time.

Sichuan. Floatsam and jetsam causes some difficulty for man trying to cross road.

Sichuan, Guangan City. The city submerged under water, and public transport stopped, the only way to get around is to sit on the back of some ones plank cart!

Hubei, Wuhan. Submerged under the Yangze River, dog walking became dog swimming.

Taken from here.


7 thoughts on “Pictures of Floods in China, 2010

  1. Well it’s been raining solidly here all week so I may soon have some similar photos myself!!
    WUWT posted an item yesterday about some Spanish woman who has registered ownership of the sun – looks to me as though she may have taken it home!

  2. Actually, every other pic is faked…look closely and you’ll see what I mean.
    Bloke in raging torrent…Hmm, can stand bolt upright with a smile on his face?! Plus…where is the water actually going?….down a hidden crevace?

    Bloke swimming through cesspit…look at the light cast on his back and his shadow…is that real? I think not!

    Women, dragging human laden cart…everything else (or mostly else) casts a reflection…how come they don’t?

    Dog swimming…blow up the ‘pic’ and you’ll see the unmistakable ‘pixel outlines’ around the edges of both pooch and background ‘shelter’…

    Sorry L…Tis the same throughout the world. I urge everyone to watch and read ‘September Clues’… as to how this TV / photo fakery is being used against us.

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