Are all Charities Evil?

The common perception of charities is that their workers are modern day monks. They eschew the easy life for a life dedicated to worthy causes; helping to make the world a better place in the face of so much evil; but is this always the case?

There are vicious rumours circulating that many charities are the recipients of government funding, which the government gets by taxing ordinary people. If this is the case, is a charity still a charity when its funding comes from forced or compelled donations?

In a past life, I raised money for charity, for a wage. For about 4 days. I was weak and could not handle it. We were known as charity muggers, or chuggers; and as the name describes, the job role involved relieving people of their hard earned cash when they were not expecting it. The best charity muggers were expert emotional blackmailers. I was terrible at this job, and I do not know why they employed me. I had revealed in the interview that I had never willingly given to charity, and was thus severly lacking in the empathy required to reach to unsuspecting donors as they waltzed past me in the city centre. In four days I only managed to get one person to sign up to a charity, and in order to do that, I had to lie to some extent. It was with a mixture of guilt, glee and do-goodiness that I held her signed contract up to the afternoon sun. I’d helped a charity live another day.

Back to the now…

WordPress, through a plugin called SocialVibe, gives bloggers the opportunity to stick a charity thingy up on this site, presumably, more website traffic equals more money for the chosen charity. I am tempted. I do nothing, and I help save the world. I really can not believe that all charities are bad; but are there some ones that I should keep away from?

Below are representations of about half of the charities I’m eligible to raise money for on this blog. So the question is, which charities in the world should be avoided at all costs, and why? And which charities, if any, are still a force for good in the world?


9 thoughts on “Are all Charities Evil?

  1. For anyone who has ever worked for a Charity, paid or unpaid as in my case, is to have the definition of the word ‘charity’ completely redefined. I don’t believe any of them should be allowed to solicit funds from the public without a declaration of exactly what percentage of their budgets actually goes to the worthy cause and how much is taken up in ‘admin’ costs. A few Wikileaks wouldn’t go astray here either.

    PS Locusts, interesting archives section……LOL

  2. Exactly. They mostly seem to be charity companies, with a small percentage, the profit, going onto where it’s meant to….

  3. I heard a story about a charity and Mick Jagger. They were just starting out doing a thing for the homeless and went to Jagger to ask for some money. By all accounts, Mick’s been hit on by every cadger in the business and told them he wouldn’t give them a dime but he was impressed enough to tell them that he’d write a song and assign all the PRA income to them. They said okay and wandered off not too impressed.

    The charity was Shelter and the song was “Gimme Shelter”. It’s now and has been for years one of their big sources of income …


  4. Probably the most hypocritical is WWF. Give us £3 a month to save a Polar Bear/Panda/Tiger is so ludicrous that it is a wonder anyone falls for it. The first two are so ridiculous it’s not worth commenting on, but f…ing tigers WTF?. If you do your research using WWF’s website alone, you’d be staggered. e.g. only 4200 left ? There’s 6000 in US zoos alone, and any figures from say Burma, have to be suspect. Finally, their website tells you that tigers are farmed in China to harvest their penises to be ground up for impotent old men !
    But still they keep on giving so that Louise Gray can fly to Cancun.

    • Hey NI, that’s neat.

      Instead of acknowledging that you’re a political lobby group/public education/propaganda machine, you declare yourself to be a ‘charity’ getting all the exemptions and tax breaks that follow. Bill Gates ‘investing’ in politics? Nah, couldn’t happen.

      Gee, if that news gets around it might give someone else the same bright idea.

  5. I’m currently donating to ACTION AID but have started to suspect the charity of being a fraud. EG: We were told that we would receive a letter from the child and could write tyo her but what we was sent actually looked like it had been drawn by an adult imitating child-like drawings, the school report seemed to unconvincing too , that it could have written to suit any child etc

    – if anyone knows anything about whether or not action aid a fraud pls let know -gratefully yours

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