Is It Illegal For U.S. Citizens To Read Wikileaks?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving reading the cables released by wikileaks the last week; some of it, like I’ve said before is old news, but reading the cables gives an insight in to the assumptions and the world view of the American administration and its diplomats, and that is fascinating. Lucky for me, I’m British; for it turns out, if you are American, it is technically illegal for you to read the documents made by the governments you voted in to office.

The following story was lifted from the Vancouver Sun:

The White House ordered government agencies Friday to block employees from accessing WikiLeaks from official computers, saying the diplomatic cables leaked by the website remain classified documents.

“The recent disclosure of U.S. government documents by WikiLeaks has resulted in damage to our national security,” the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said in a message to all federal agencies obtained by AFP.

It reminded them that “each federal employee and contractor is obligated to protect classified information” and said the whistleblower website’s public release of U.S. diplomatic cables did not mean they had been declassified.

“Unauthorized disclosures of classified documents (whether in print, on a blog or on websites) do not alter the documents’ classified status or automatically result in declassification of the documents,” the OMB said.

“To the contrary, classified information, whether or not already posted on public websites or disclosed to the media, remains classified, and must be treated as such by federal employees and contractors, until it is declassified by an appropriate U.S. government authority.”

The Library of Congress was among the institutions that blocked access to WikiLeaks, prompting the website to say on its Twitter feed the move signaled “end times” for the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing free speech.

In a post on the Library of Congress blog, communications director Matt Raymond confirmed that access to Wikileaks was being blocked and rejected accusations of censorship.

“The Library decided to block Wikileaks because applicable law obligates federal agencies to protect classified information,” Raymond said.

“In other words, the site is being blocked not out of censorship, but because providing the information that is there is illegal.

“The Library is prohibited both by federal law and our own regulations from providing public access to classified information” he added.

So there you have it. Any American that has taken it upon themselves to read classified documents has been unpatriotic in the extreme. Do not aid and abet disseminators of privileged information; you have been warned.

Of course, us Britishers could see this all coming. It’s why we burnt down the White House in 1812. Only trying to save you from yourselves…


11 thoughts on “Is It Illegal For U.S. Citizens To Read Wikileaks?

  1. L!

    My half pence worth about ‘wikileaks’ is that it is simply another ‘false flag’ designed to give a little more credence to the absurdities going on around us…i.e fake or selected ‘official / secret’ documents, ‘cables’ whatever they want to call them.
    Julian Assange was ‘arrested’ today in London for alleged ‘sex offences’ in Sweden (woof woof)…its all a load of bollocks to make us X factor, computer game addict prolls feel that we the people now have real information.
    Err…no we don’t. And the MSM will continue to spread lies and disinfo’ at will and by any means necessary.

    But what’s bugging the bastards and making their sphincters fibrillate like humming birds and the reason why they resort to desperate tactics such as this…is, believe it or not…the events of 9/11.

    I’ve posted a link before but I’ll post it again… I urge all readers to watch this as it confirms; through nearly 7 years of research, by experts in the field, that what the world saw that day was nothing more than TV / MSM fakery.
    Watch the movie…(got a cool sound track to boot) then read the rest of it. Bear in mind that not a single ‘relative’ of those supposedly killed has contacted the author to complain even though the sites been viewed by millions.

    Know this and then go on to subsequent ‘events.’ London 7/7, Madrid, Bali…even the frickin’ Gulf of Mexico and then have a look at this for a laugh…

    ‘I am. I’m really fucking terrified!!!

      • Hi OL. Thank you for the reply and link.

        I hadn’t heard of ‘7/7 ripple effect’ before so I took the liberty of watching it on Google vid’…half a bottle of gin later…

        First thing that struck me were the similarities of ‘7/7 ripples’ and ‘Loose Change’ (in case your good self or readers have not heard…a ‘twoother’ documentary…ridicule intended…on the events of 9/11)

        ‘Loose Change’ at first seems to be very compelling…evidence that the official accounts of that day were anything but accurate but in the end ‘Loose change’s’ underlying mantra is in fact almost exactly the same.
        Two hijacked planes hit the world trade centre towers… ‘Something’ hit the Pentagon and ‘something’ crashed outside of Shanksville but definitely all combined to cause the deaths of some 3000 odd, totally innocent Americans and a few foreigners.
        Was it the government? Or was it 19 barking bonkers Middle Eastern types?…You be the judge…but anyway, at the end of the day WHO GIVES A F**K! WE’RE F*****G TERRIFIED!!!

        The 7/7 vid’ seems to me to be almost identical. 52 totally innocent people and 4 homicidal / suicidal (or were they ‘patsies’?…hmm, new creative angle) Muslim bombers died…undoubtedly and horribly.
        The ‘perps’ (as they like to call them in September clues and one of the same as with 9/11) fully realise that mistakes have been made and are setting about attempting to rectify the situation by releasing material such as this, simply to further confuse the situation and to have everyone running round in conspiracy circles with the intention that it’ll ultimately go nowhere.

        The blokes at SC have compiled a document on those that were supposedly killed back in 2001 called the ‘Vicsim’ report…
        ‘Vic’…VICtim….‘Sim’…SIMulated which shows that all the people supposedly killed are just computer generated identities just as sure are those of 7/7 are…

        Blimey! Time I got back to some carpentry work!

  2. “In other words, the site is being blocked not out of censorship, but because providing the information that is there is illegal.”

    That is semantic gymnastics worthy of the best of Soviet and Chinese propagandists. America truly has arrived.

  3. Hello Locusts,

    I read somewhere that more than 3 million Americans, bureaucrats and others, have the necessary security clearances to read this diplomatic material on a regular basis.

    Must make it difficult for them to figure out exactly who the real whistle-blowers are.

    Still, now that they have a scapegoat in custody, anything is possible……unless we all speak up to demand justice.

  4. It is against the law because the status of those texts is still classified as “confidential” or “secret”. Lets look at it in terms of thevery. In other words, just because someone has already stolen some watches from a jewlry store (and he now plans to sell) so they are in the street (or the “public domain”) does NOT give a person the right to buy them from him. Just because it’s been removed from the jewlery store does NOT make it the theifs property, does NOT give the thief the right to sell it, and does NOT give passersby the right to perchase the watch from the thief.

    Same here. It is espianage to read classified docs, regardless of if it is on a public web site (which got it ILLEGALLY from a leak), or if you yourself broke into a govt office and stole the documents. Both are ILLEGAL accesses of classfied info, and BOTH deserve to be punished, because the info is still just that, CLASSIFIED INFO, and the info present on the wikileaks site should be treated with the same care as the documents sitting in the govt’s vaults, that is they should not be read by people without the proper security clearance. PERIOD!

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