Shutting up Wikileaks – The gameplan

Presented with a problem like shutting up Wikileaks, a simple and effective strategy would be:-

  • Trash the founder’s reputation.
  • Choke off all hosting and support facilities to close it down.
  • Establish your own tame version of Wikileaks using the ‘survivors’.
  • Start a PR campaign for those plucky ‘survivors’.

Of course, it would help a lot if some of those ‘survivors’ were your men all along but perhaps I’m being too cynical here …

Strangely enough, click here



9 thoughts on “Shutting up Wikileaks – The gameplan

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  2. Good call Pointman. Still, as we know, it isn’t unheard-of for website hosts to become inordinately belligerent.

    Battle-of-the-Info-wars just took on a whole new meaning. We await the outcome with interest.

  3. Julian Assange, wild child of free speech

    Assange is described as a humanist, a man who serves no masters, a Renaissance man with 21st-century tools at his disposal, who “decided early on that the world is not as fair a place as it could be, but that the internet provides a way of creating a more level playing field in terms of justice”.

    But a hacker he was, 14 years ago in 1996, when he faced a court in Melbourne, charged with hacking computers at two universities and two telecommunications companies. He had even hacked computers to monitor the Australian Federal Police investigation into the hacking. This was three years before he began to conceive of a website devoted to leaks, registering the domain, and 10 years before WikiLeaks.

    Assange had been hacking from 1987 under the moniker “Mendax” (derived from a phrase of the Roman poet Horace: splendide mendax, or “nobly untruthful”).

    So there you have it – now we know a lot more about this, “the most famous man in the world” right now.

    His future looks to be almost as interesting as his past.

  4. John Pilger, always an uncomfortably good journalist, gives the facts and his opinions on the Assange smear campaign.

    “Whether or not the smear is a “CIA conspiracy”, it is clear that Assange’s name has been blackened. Also, the women’s details have been hauled across the internet. And his very serious enemies in Washington have been hugely encouraged to pursue their vicious campaign against him”


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